Yellow Card Training

YELLOWCARD TRAINING  (scissor lift SL, knuckle boom lift BL, vertical lift VL, etc)

Course: E.W.P.A. Elevating Work Platform Yellow Card Training And Assessment.

Yellow Card Categories: (SL) scissor lift, (BL) boom lift, (VL) vertical lift, (TM) truck mount*, (TL) trailer mount*

Location: CNR Park & Station Rd Seven Hills, NSW 2147 Sydney. LOCATION

Duration: Applicants are required to under go approximatley 2.5 hours training.

Cost: $200 per applicant per category,a discount may be availble for group bookings.

Outcome: On successful completion applicants will recieve a Yellow Card - "Trained Operator Card" - with the relevent catergories the operator was trained in, printed on the card, as documented evidence the operator has been trained in the safe use of elevated work platform's, such as scissor lifts, boom lifts etc. The Yellow Card will be issued by E.W.P.A. 

EWP Training Inquiry: For Yellow Card - "Trained Operator Card" - inquiry please complete the form on our CONTACT US page, and a Jack Australia qualified training representative will contact you or alternatively contact us on phone numbers provided. For a prompt reply please include contact phone number.

The EWP, Yellow card is a nationally recognised operator training program. Jack Australia maintains the training program in accordance with the Elevated Work Platform Association Of Australia (EWPAA).

All states of Australia have OHS regulations in place to secure and promote health safety and welfare of all people, and employees in the work place, and further states the duty extends to providing such information, instruction training and supervision as may be necessary to ensure the employees' health and safety at work. Therefore elevated work platform, EWP operators need documented proof he/she has been trained in the safe use of sissor lifts, boom lifts and related access machines, the Yellow Card is a favoured solution.

Whether you are a employer, employee or self employed, located in New South Wales, we recommend to familiarise yourself with the NSW Occupational Health & Safety act 2000. To assist we have placed a link on our Contact Us page, please take the time to read through this document.

1. How Does It Work?

The operator Card is a registered ticket issued to operators who have been successfully trained by EWPA accredited trainers in the safe use and operation of various types of elevated work platforms.

There are five different types of EWP Yellow Card licence category:

    * (BL) Self Propelled Boom Lift.
    * (SL) Scissor Lift.                   
    * (VL) Vertical Lift.                   
    * (TL) Trailer Mount Boomlift.    
    * (TM) Truck Mount Boomlift.





*example of yellow card with all categories.

2. Are There Alternatives?

In hous training course or user specfic training. It is essential training programs need to have a structured training format or procedure plus written proof of successful completion please note that training must be performed by qualified person.

3. What If I Do Nothing?

If to "do nothing" is your preferred approach, and a serious accident occurs and no proof of training can be produced, then there will be serious consequences for all involved.

4. When Is The WP Over 11 Meter Work Cover Ticket Needed?

A GREY AREA exists due to the ASCC (Australian Safety and Compensation Council), introduced Certificate of competency licence for users of boom lifts 11 meters and over through the National Occupational and Safety Certification standards for users and operators of industrial equipment (NOHSC: 1006 (1995)). This is a nationally recognized scheme throughout Australia. This means that you must have a licence to operate elevated work platforms 11 meters and over. There is no specification of what type of knuckle boom and has no mention of scissor lifts. We also offer this certificate of competency (WP licence for 11 meters and above) which is performed over two part assessment knowledge and practical demonstration and requires a sound practical and safety knowledge of EWPs to avoid incidents.

5. Will I Need The Yellow Card And WP Licence To Work Over 11 Meters In A Boom Lift?

To comply with Occupational Health and Safety regulations, the answer is YES. The Yellow Card indicates you have been trained in the safe use and operation of specific EWP, elevated work platform such as scissor lift, boom lift, vertical lift, trailer mount or truck mount, work platforms. The WP licence is a Work Cover requirement for working on EWP, elevated work platforms 11 meters and over.

6. Yellow Card EWP Training, Trainee Requirements.

    * Must be (18) eighteen years of age or older.
    * Photo Identification.
    * Adequate safety boots.
    * High visabilty vest/clothing.
    * Sunscreen.
    * Suitable eye protection.
    * Be literate in basic english.

7. Yellow Card EWP Training Course Content And Duration.

    * Duration approximately 2.5 to 4 hours depending on experience and aptitude.
    * Introduction EWP training aid video, verbal discussion of previous experience.
    * Pre start safety checks, and correct use of the yellow log book.
    * Hazard management, planning and preparing work for EWP.
    * OHS regulations and duty of care.
    * Emergency decent system, including practical demonstration.
    * Correct procedures for setting up, operating and shutting down EWP machines.
    * Knowledge assessment conducted after the practical session.